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Job Source USA, INC.  

Job Source USA is "An Employers Choice in Staffing" for Omaha, Nebraska.  Locally owned and operated, Job Source USA understands that people are one of the most important assets in any business.  Job Source USA has built a reputation as being committed to providing the best qualified candidates.  Our staffing service has become identified as capable of maximizing the bottom line through a combination of quality enhancements, cost reductions, and  adherence to established productivity benchmarks.   

Our mission not only includes a commitment to the employer, but also to the employees that we place on a particular job site.  It is that genuine concern for the welfare of both our clients and for our employees that help set us apart from the competition.  

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Our Services & Strategy  

At Job Source USA, we take a tremendous amount of pride in the services we offer with a high degree of ethics, professionalism, dedication, and integrity. 

Job Source USA is a full service staffing company developed to assist you in your staffing needs, providing the following labor solutions in a wide variety of fields:

Temporary Staffing

Whether this is for a day or one year, Job Source USA will provide you with all of your temporary staffing needs.

Temp to Perm Arrangements

Longer term assignments can remain on Job Sources USA’s payroll or be hired by your company by way of what is commonly referred to as a “temp to perm” relationship. 

Direct Hire / Executive Search

Job Source USA will recruit, screen, and test candidates that you hire directly. 

Payroll Services

Payroll services allow you to control the hiring process while delegating the payroll administration and responsibility to us.  Since all the employees would be considered employees of Job Source USA, this presents a fantastic opportunity to save on all your payroll expenses, the high costs of benefits, workers compensations, and unemployment insurance. 

Recruiting Strategies   

Job Source USA recognizes the importance of recruiting candidates who meet the exact specifications of your company. 

We believe active recruiting is one of the best ways to provide the most qualified workers.  Our staff has been trained to identify and source the best and most qualified candidates in the marketplace.

Total Selection and Performance Management   

Understanding your staffing requirements is our number one priority, Job Source USA will, if you wish, meet and profile all user groups within your organization. These profiles gather pertinent data and cultural information on each department and location.  This critical information is essential in matching the individual’s skills and personal dynamics with the job requirements and working location.   

Equal Opportunity Employer   

It is the policy of Job Source USA, Inc., to provide employment opportunities without regard to; race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, or veteran status.